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Look Over by SmootHope Look Over :iconsmoothope:SmootHope 1 0 Doodle 1 by SmootHope Doodle 1 :iconsmoothope:SmootHope 0 0 Over It by SmootHope Over It :iconsmoothope:SmootHope 1 0 Cry Baby by SmootHope Cry Baby :iconsmoothope:SmootHope 1 0 Cursed Eve by SmootHope Cursed Eve :iconsmoothope:SmootHope 0 0
You Say
you say
           you can never tell what i’m thinking
you say
            you can’t read me
you say
            i’m impossible to figure out
you say
            a lot of things
my eyes are a leather-bound book
and the key is stowed in my throat
never to be retrieved
my face is not my own -
able to be opened
like a wooden door
to reveal the true face
but how many times a century is anyone allowed to open it?
my body is encased in silver spikes
do not try to
get near
touch it
unless you wish to bleed
it is often locked together tightly
to avoid such misunderstandings
yet there are those that still try
my eyes are vacant
pure black orbs
no intake
no output
you once told me
they were so dark
it was like getting lost in a black hole
and i wasn’t letting up
(i refuse to let you go)
and you couldn’t escape
(not that you wanted to)
but y
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Save Me From This Place by SmootHope Save Me From This Place :iconsmoothope:SmootHope 0 0 Signs by SmootHope Signs :iconsmoothope:SmootHope 0 0
you’re doing that thing that i like when you’re really interested in what i’m saying and you’ll close your eyes like you’re blinking and do a sort of half smile, and i can tell by the way that you’re looking at me that you’re completely invested in what i’m saying.
your eyes are deep and dark and i can feel them penetrating my shell. it should be unnerving, from anyone else it would be, but it’s softening from you. yours can see everything, as if they’ve got some sort of superhuman power to see within, but i don’t mind it at all.
i never get tired of looking at them, always discovering new lands that reside within these shades of brown. they’re warm, earthy, welcoming. i could sit here, permanently rooted in the ground. i don’t mind if the roots begin to dig into me, i don’t mind if flowers begin sprouting from my mouth, i don’t mind if leaves blossom from my hair.
i welcome this transformation. i
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Do Not Break
contort your mouth
twist my words
warp reality
bend your will
deform my figure
gnarl my body
wrench my thoughts
knot my stomach
distort our presence
mangle my corpse
and goes on
and on and
on and on
and on
& on
and on &

there will be nothing left
but the remnants of my fidelity
and of your mendacity,
of what you perceived to be my betrayal
when it was you who showed their true colors
and i don’t need you to paint me a picture
because i took the photo long ago
the drive took many years
but once we reached the peak
i tried to cover my eyes
but the sun managed to blind me anyway
but you stared directly into it
not caring if it would permanently scar you
because your body was already riddled with them anyway
and so was mine, but at least you kept driving towards it
i tried to hide until my wounds
began washing away
i don’t even swim.
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noises are muffled
painting past you
circling your head,
reds and blues
echo past me
as they wrap themselves around you.
it sounds like people we know
but i can’t remember;
the sounds are cascading
down your back
washing over you,
they cleanse my mind
and i have never heard things so crystal clear.
purple reverberates through your body
and you can no longer stand still
or up.
on the floor, the pinks surround you
pulsating within you
and it sounds like someone’s breath
ahead of the beat, hyperventilating
but maybe it’s no one’s ragged breathing
but the sound within your own mind
and this resonates within yourself.
you lay back as the pinks morph into yellows
and they reflect themselves back into each other
as you keep your eyes wide shut
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i can feel myself collapsing
until i’m just a heap on the floor
i’m drained, hollow, cold
can’t withstand it anymore
i am not always a fortress
and sometimes it becomes too much
if you hit me enough times
the door will break down
and the best i can do is flood the city
but that’s never accomplished much
if you crack me enough times
my body will rupture
the skin will fissure
i will be left with millions of tiny fractures
and it will be irrevocable
and it won’t be my fault
i should go to sleep
but i feel contradictions deep into my core
and i can’t decide
whether my eyes are keeping themselves open
or if i wish to remain wide awake
sometimes it’s easier to pretend
that you can get it together
and maybe everything is falling apart
but you’ll get your stitches
and soon enough maybe you won’t have to remember
maybe you’ll be able to do it all yourself again
and you won’t feel so sick
:iconsmoothope:SmootHope 1 0
Come Clean
i will show you the
dirty parts of myself
i’ll let you into every
nook and crevice
that’s riddled with
grime and looks of disgust
there will be no light
and there won’t be a
foreseeable exit
and you won’t know
whether you have a chance
at getting out
but maybe,
just maybe,
you won’t feel the need to
maybe you won’t feel
contaminated, all greasy and unkempt.
it may become difficult to hear
as the voices enter your head,
never allowing you respite.
you may become disheveled
but that’s when we’re at our finest,
that’s when the truth comes out.
bare yourself
allow yourself
to be explored
to be understood
to be questioned
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Satisfy Me
let me silently explode into millions of stars —
wrap your nebulous arms around me.
i may not be able to see clearly
but my world will be one of technicolor.
as i gaze into you
i feel the blood rushing through my veins,
ever so aware,
as it travels over my body
soaking through my muscles
flowing over my tendons
down to every bone.
sparks radiate
and i will electrocute you.
they’re hitting my throat, chest, face,
but i remain unassuming to their view.
electric pulses resonate
spreading throughout my torso
as i glance between your eyes, mouth, hair,
in saccadic movements
i drink you up
the water rippling
as it fills my iris, pupil, sclera,
to the brim.
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You're Alive
you’re 5
and you’re far from where you live
but you’re home.
you’ve made friends with a girl
who knows your family’s language
and your native tongue.
you’ll look back on these moments
with fondness and a tinge of regret
though you really can’t blame yourself.
your father will continue to speak of her sporadically
throughout the years
but he will never know
what happened that fateful night
in the closet.
you’re 8
and you’re at rehearsals
and girls are changing
and you’re not sure where to look
and it’s strange,
yet you’re oddly curious.
you’re 11
and you’re at school
talking to your friends.
she likes a boy,
he likes a girl,
“who do you like?”
unsure of how to react,
reading the looks on their faces of
an absence of normality seen within you,
you come up with what’s expected
“i like him,”
and you can feel the tearing at your skin
the seams you’re rip
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meeting you is
hearing a song for the first time
that i knew would be a favorite instantly.
touching your skin is
a bolt of lightning rushing through,
marking me permanently with intricate scars.
seeing your face is
curling up in bed under the most luxurious blankets,
feeling at total ease.
sharing intimate details is
looking at a map, tracing my fingers over all the edges
hoping i will discover somewhere new.
hearing your voice is
dipping my head underwater,
allowing myself to be overtaken.
witnessing creations from your mind’s eye is
being allowed to come inside,
to peek past the curtains.
reading your words is
being set on fire by an
impenetrable force.
waking up to you is
getting lost in thought
to only find myself again.
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I'm 21 and a law student. I take pictures, edit, and draw for fun. I spend most of my time relaxing, listening to music, playing video games, and reading up on social issues and theories.


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